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What is the specification of Web server/MySQL server on TeraStation?

Created 02/22/2011 02:54  |   Updated 04/25/2012 07:10

You can establish Web server or MySQL server on TeraStation.
In addition to HTML files, images, and JavaScript, you can install Perl scripts and PHP scripts.
* Web server function is for advanced users only. Do not enable it unless you know what you are doing.

The specifications for each function are below;

  • Web Server

    Softwares     lighttpd ver. 1.4.23 (Web Server software)
    Perl ver. 5.8.8
    PHP ver. 5.2.10
    Port number Port 81 (factory default)

  • MySQL Server
    A MySQL database may be installed and linked with web server.

    Softwares     MySQL ver. 5.0.70 
    phpMyAdmin 3.2.2
    * default username and password: admin / password
    Port number Port 81 (factory default)




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