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I cannot access the shared folder.

Created 02/22/2011 03:01  |   Updated 04/24/2014 01:06

There are some causes of not being able to access shared folders form your PC/Mac.

Causes and Countermeasures

Cause 1: The product is in EM mode.
Countermeasure 1: Update the firmware.
Click here for the details


Cause 2: The settings have been changed.
Countermeasure 2: Start NasNavigator2, and find this product to access shared folders.


Cause 3: The product is not activating.
Countermeasure 3: Turn on the power to work the product.
The product might be in the standby because of the Auto Power Mode or Sleep Timer.


Cause 4: It is not connected to the network.
Countermeasure 4: Make sure your PC/Mac is connected to the product through network.


Cause 5: Mac OS Device specific information is affecting the system.
Countermeasure 5: Check the disk.
When Mac is disconnected unexpectedly by such as a power failure, Mac OS database could be damaged and it can be the cause of disconnection.
Go to the product settings, select [Delete Mac OS Device specific information] and check the disc.


Cause 6: There is an error in the product.
Countermeasure 6: See the error lamp and screen.
Click here for the details



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