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How do I change the host name (LinkStation name)?

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You can change the product name.

The default product name will be "product model + last 3 digits of the MAC address".
ex. TS-XHL123
  1. Launch NAS Navigator2.

    navigate to [Start]- [Program]- [BUFFALO]-[BUFFALO NAS Navigatior2] -[BUFFALO NAS Navigator2].

    Go to the [Dock] , and click [NAS Navigator2] for Mac OS.

    NAS Navigator2 will start and search for the network.
  2. Open the Web Admin interface.
    Right-click the product icon, and click [Open Web Admin].

    Press Ctrl, and click the product icon, and click [Open Web Admin] for Mac OS
  3. Web browser will be launched.
    The default settings are; [admin] for the user name and [password] for the password, and click [Login].

  4. The Web Admin interface will be launched.

  5. Navigate to [System]-[Settings], and click [Modify Settings] to change the host name.

  6. Enter the host name for this product. Enter the Description if needed.

  7. Click [Save].

    Product name

    Number of letters can be used Up to 15bytes using UTF-8
    Multibyte encording Unsupported
    -(hyphen), _(underscore) Supported
    Do not start the name with special characters.
  8. Click [Logout].

  9. Make sure the product name has been changed.



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