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Radio frequency interference with wireless devices outside wireless LAN

Created 03/07/2011 02:33  |   Updated 03/29/2011 09:34

Some household electric appliances and some wireless surveillance system use the same radio frequency as the Buffalo Wireless LANs do (2.4GHz) and there is a possibility of radio frequency interference.

Examples of Wireless Components which use the same radio frequency

  • Cordless Telephone/Facsimile
  • Microwave (When in use)
  • Wireless speaker system
  • Wireless Surveillance camera, Wireless Web camera
    ※The ones not connected to Wireless LAN
  • Wireless headset
  • High power wireless components
    ※Illegal Ultra-high output radio wave can block lower radio waves.

These wireless components use the same radio frequency as Buffalo Wireless LANs, and they may not be able to coexist because of the different transmitting methods.
It many cause some problems as shown below.


  • Can detect the AirStaion, but cannot connect to network.
  • Network connection gets cut down suddenly
  • Can not detect the AirStation at certain spot,
    even though it can be detected at other places.


If you cannot get wireless network because of the radio frequency interference, try these measures.

  • Place the master AirStation and the computer in different places.
    It will be better if there is no interfering object in between.
  • Set a different radio frequency channel to the master AirStation.
    ※If there is an another wireless component in 1 meter distance,
    changing the radio frequency channel to about 5channels apart may work.
  • Turn off other wireless components.



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