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Precautions to use the functions of Wake on LAN (WOL)

Created 03/08/2011 06:00  |   Updated 03/29/2011 09:09

When using [Wake on LAN] under [Network services] field of the [Display remotely accessible PCs] area in the web-based settings screen of the wireless master device (the AirStation), there are following restrictions.

  1. Unusable via the wireless LAN cards or adapters.

    BUFFALO wireless LAN adapters do not support the WOL function.
    So, WOL is not available on the computers which use wireless LAN via such devices.

  2. The WOL function on the PC needs to be enabled.

    To use WOL, the computer or LAN board needs to be compatible with the WOL function.
    In addition, even when the PC is compatible with the WOL function,  if this function is disabled by the PC's BIOS settings, that PC cannot be turned on.
    Contact the manufacturer of the computer or LAN board for the details of support and so on.

  3. It is unavailabel to shut down the PC.

    The function of WOL can just start up the computer.
    It is unavailable to shut it down by WOL.



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