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What is the difference in file systems?

Created 03/15/2011 01:38  |   Updated 04/26/2011 10:06
File System Features Recommended to
  • Possible to save files equal to or larger than 4GB.
  • The maximum size for one partition is about 16EB (The maximum recommended size is 2TB.)
  • Users who like to save large data of more than 4GB per one file.
  • Maximum size for one file to save is about 4GB (2GB for Windows 98/98Se)
  • Maximum size for one partition to create is about 32GB (2TB for Windows Me/98)
    Partition larger than 32GB can be formatted by a format tool, “DiskFormatter”. 
  • Users who like to copy data of old computer(Windows Me/98) to hard disk to move to new PC.
  • Users who like to save data from computer on both Windows OS/Mac OS
MacOS extended
  • Macintosh only.
    Impossible to use for Windows.
  • Maximum size for one volume to create is about 8EB.
  • Users who like to save large data of more than 4GB per one file only using by Macintosh computer.



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