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I cannot format the hard drive by NTFS using DriveNavigator.

Created 03/15/2011 02:46  |   Updated 04/01/2011 07:46

There are some possible causes for the symptom.
Please refer to the following points.

1) If a message indicating that there is no hard drive which can be formatted is displayed:

Cause :Data are saved in the hard drive.
Countermeasure :DriveNavigator does not format the hard drive when there are files saved (except the ones relevant to DriveNavigator) on it.
Back up all the files you need (including the ones relevant to DriveNavigator) to a PC and so on, and delete all the files other than Drive Navigator.
Try to perform the NTFS format again using DriveNavigator.
If you can not format the hard drive as NTFS even after you have deleted all the files, try to format using the Windows standard formatting function.


2) If “Format failed” appears:

Cause :Since the Hard Drive was used on a USB1.1 connection basis, it took time to format the disk, and result in a time-out.
Countermeasure :Close the dialogue ,and use the Windows standard formatting function to format the disk.




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