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I can not correctly copy/write data to a hard drive.

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There are following possible causes.

Cause 1 :The hard disk is full.
Countermeasure 1 :Ensure free space for the hard drive.
Data cannot be saved when free space is less than the data to save.
Delete the unnecessary data to ensure free space, and save the data.


Cause 2 :The hard drive is formatted by FAT32.
Countermeasure 2 :Format it by NTFS.
Check if small-sized data 1GB long or less can be saved to the hard disk.
If such small data can be saved, it might not be possible to save large files due to the format type of the hard drive.
Check the format type of the target hard drive.
If the file system is FAT32, it is impossible to save files 4GB long or more.
Format the hard drive by NTFS.


Cause 3 :There is a problem on the port/cable connected with the hard drive.
Countermeasure 3 :Change the connection of such a port/cable.
When multiple connection ports are available on the computer, switch the port connected with.
If the port/cable is connected via a hub/interface board, remove it, and directly connect the cable to the computer port.
If another cable is available at hand, switch the cable to it, and make a connection again.


Cause 4 :The file you are saving has a problem.
Countermeasure 4 :Replace the file with another one.
Replace the file with another one, and check if that file can be saved to the hard drive.
If only specific files can not be saved (copied), it could be due to copyright protection or corruption of the data.



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