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The computer does not boot when the hard drive is connected with it.

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There are some possible causes for this symptom.
Please refer to the following points.


Cause 1 :The problem is caused by the BIOS settings of the computer.
Countermeasure 1 :Change the BIOS settings on the computer.
  1. When the BIOS settings include the [Legacy USB] item, set it to [Disable].
    If this item is left [Enable], the computer may not start with USB hard drive connected.
    The legacy USB is a USB mode to make the USB-connected keyboard, mouse, and so on usable before the OS is started up. (This mode is set to use the USB-connected key board for user operations such as BIOS setup.)
    Please note that user operations such as BIOS setup will become unable before starting the OS if [Legacy USB] is set to [Disable] (not effective).
    However, setting [Legacy USB] to [Disable] is no problem when employing a keyboard/mouse of the PS/2 connection.

  2. Some USB devices might have a higher start-up priority than the built-in hard drive depending on the computer.
    Set the start-up priority of the built-in hard drive higher than those of the USB devices, and make a confirmation.


Cause 2 :There is a problem on the connected port.

Countermeasure 2 :Change the connection of the port.
When multiple connection ports are available on the computer, switch the port to another one.
If the port is connected via a hub /interface board, remove it, and directly connect the cable to the computer port.



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