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What are the types of backup jobs?

Created 03/24/2011 01:30  |   Updated 10/04/2013 02:00

The following types of backup jobs may be selected:


Type Files included
Normal Backup
All files in the source will be backed up to the destination.
Overwrite Backup (Append Backup) The first time the backup job runs like a normal backup. In subsequent backups, files added to the source as well as files deleted from the source are kept in the backup folder.
Overwrite Backup (Differential Backup) The first backup job runs like a normal backup. As each additional backup job runs, files are added to and deleted from the backup folder. The backup destination folder is always the same size as the backup source folder.
Management Backup (*) Each time a backup is executed, management information is stored, and only files that have changed are copied or deleted. Data is retrieved from the previous backup file for files that were not changed. This is useful for making backups with limited space or for referencing status at a particular point in time (for use for data snapshot applications).


TS-XL/R5,TS-XEL/R5,TS-WXL/R1,TS-WXL/D1, and TS-RXL/R5 don't support "Management Backup".



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