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TeraStation is not linked with the power of a PC in the Auto Power Mode.

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There are some possible causes for the symptom.
Refer to the following points.

Cause 1.
NAS Navigator2 is not installed in the computer.
Countermeasure 1. Install NAS Navigator2 in the computer.
Download and install the software from the attached CD.

Enable NAS Navigator2 on your firewall or security software.

Cause 2. Necessary settings are not made on the TeraStation.
Countermeasure 2. Apply proper settings to the TeraStation.

  1. Click [Network] - [Network] - [Port Trunking] on the TeraStation setup screen.
  2. Click [Modify Settings].
  3. Select [Disable], and click [Save].
  4. Go to the target screen as below.
    ・Click [Network] - [Network] - [Network Services] - [NASNavi Detection].
    ・Click [Network] - [Network] - [Network Services] - [Auto Power Mode].
  5. Select [Use] of each item, and click [Save].

Cause 3. The TeraStation is not powered up due to a power failure or unplugged AC cables in the Auto Power Mode.
Countermeasure 3. Set the switch of Auto Power Mode on the TeraStation to “Manual,” and set it to “Auto” after starting up the TeraStation again.



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