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When an error occurs on the TeraStation, is it possible to notify the error by email or others to the computer?

Created 03/25/2011 01:26  |   Updated 09/22/2011 04:42

The Email Notification function enables the TeraStation to send messages to the specified mail addresses when the TeraStation settings are changed or an error occurs.

  1. Click [System] - [Maintenance] on the TeraStation settings screen.

  2. Click [Modify Settings] in [Email Notification].

  3. Click [Enable] under [Notification].
    Set the items below, and click [Save].
SMTP Server Address Type a SMTP server address.
SMTP Port No. Type a SMTP port number.
Authentication Type Select from [Disabled], [POP before SMTP], [LOGIN (SMTP-AUTH)], or [CRAM-MD5 (SMTP-AUTH)].
POP3 Server Address When [POP before SMTP] is selected for Authentication Type, type a POP3 server address.
POP3 Port No. When [POP before SMTP] is selected for Authentication Type, type a POP3 port number.
SSL/TLS To use a secured connection, select its type: [SSL] or [TLS].
Username Enter the username for authentication.
Password Enter the password for authentication.
' (single quotation) is not allowed to be in the password string.

Type the subject of the notification email.
Type in single-byte alphanumeric characters. The subject might be garbled otherwise.

Recipient(s) Enter destination email addresses. Email can be sent up to 5 addresses.
Do not enter improper ones.
Report: Select conditions to send emails.



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