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How to individually install application software such as Client Manager V, Client Manager 3 and others.

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For the procedure to individually install the application software from AirNavigator, please see [How to install application software individually] below.

[Application software to be installed in the procedure below]

  • Wireless drivers for Buffalo wireless LAN adapter
  • Client Manager 3 (For Windows XP)
  • Client Manager V (For Windows Vista/7)
  • BUFFALO AirStation 300Mbps Mode Setting

* As described in the procedure of the attached manual, “Quick Setup Guide”, click the [Begin Installation] on the menu screen of the AirNavigator to go on setup. The software which is necessary for your setup such as Client Manager 3 will be installed.

[How to install application software individually]

  1. Insert the AirNavigator CD into the computer.
  2. The menu screen of AirNavigator will appear.

    * If the menu screen is not displayed, open [My Computer], right-click the [AIRNAVI***] icon (CD drive icon) on the screen, and click [Open].

    Double-click the [AirNavi.exe] file on the screen, and confirm if the menu screen is displayed.
  3. Click [Options] at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click [Advanced Installation].
  5. The application software which can be installed will be displayed.
    Check the application software you install, and click [Install].
  6. Follow the steps on the screen.
  7. When installation has been completed, a message, "Installation is completed. Please click 'Back'.", will appear on the line indicating the installed application software.

    Click [Back].
  8. Click the [×] on the top right to close the screen.

The software installation has been done.



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