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What is Failover funtion?

Created 06/24/2011 05:11  |   Updated 09/22/2011 02:44

Files are copied automatically from the main TeraStation to the backup TeraStation if Failover is configured. The main TeraStation and the backup TeraStation retain the same folder configuration.*1

Normally, users access the main TeraStaion to share files. But, when the main TeraStation fails and cannot be accessed, the settings of the main TeraStation will be copied to the backup TeraStation and operation will automatically switch over to the backup TeraStation.*2


Failover is all configured in the main TeraStaion. The password of “admin” of the backup TeraStation is required to configure failover. The settings of the backup TeraStation cannot be changed if failover is configured.
Image See the restrictions on Failover function.

The two TeraStations are required to be placed close to each other if failover is configured. Failover is not intended for Disaster Recovery (Remote Backup).

*1 There is a time-lag in behavior between the main TeraStation and the backup TeraStation.
*2 Some functions cannot be copied to the backup TeraStation.



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