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Enabling Amazon S3 Support function.

Created 09/29/2011 08:35  |   Updated 02/03/2012 04:54

To enable the funtion, follow the steps below.

  1. Create an account at Amazon S3 website shown below and enter into an agreement for the fee-based online storage service Amazon S3.


    For details on Amazon S3 pricing and its terms and conditions, refer to the Amazon S3 website.

  2. In the TeraStation's Web Admin interface, navigate to [Extensions] - [Web Service Support].

  3.  Image

    Click [Modify Settings] under [Amazon S3 Support].

  4.  Image

    1. Enable Amazon S3 Support.
    2. Select the shared folder for remote replication from [Target Folder].
      The selected foler is used internally by Amazon S3 Support. Files are not added to the selected folder and the amount of used spaces does not automatically increase.
    3. Enter the bucket name, access key ID, and secret access key of the bucket that was reistered when creating the Amazon S3 account in the Amazon S3 website.
    4. Click [Save].

  5.  Image  When the path displayed in [Target Folder] is entered into the address bar of Internet Explorer, you can access the files saved Amazon S3 from the TeraStation shared folder. 


  • If using after the network has been temporarily disconnected, click [ Remount].
  • To disable Amazon S3 Support, disable [Amazon S3 Support Function].



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