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If the LinkStation doesn't boot after a hard drive is installed.

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If you have installed a hard drive in the LinkStation but it doesn’t boot properly, remove the drive from the LinkStation and follow the procedure below to initialize the drive.



Shut down the Windows computer and connect the drive with a USB-SATA converter (sold separately).



Restart the computer.



Open the command prompt. Choose one of the following operations depending on your computer’s OS.

Windows 8:
Press the "Windows" + "R" key to open the "Run" box or enter "cmd" directly.


Windows 7 or Windows Vista:
Click the [Start] button, then type "cmd" in the "Search" box.


Windows XP:
Click [Start] - [Run], then type "cmd" in the "Run" box.



Type "diskpart" at the command prompt and press the enter key. The diskpart console will be displayed.



Type "list disk" and press the enter key. Select the drive that is connected to the computer in a list. Remember the drive number.



Type "select disk x", where "x" is the drive number from the previous step, and press the enter key.



Type "clean" and press the enter key. The selected drive will be initialized.



Type "exit" and close the command prompt.



Shut down the computer and disconnect the drive.



The drive is now initialized. Reinstall it in the LinkStation. Refer to the LinkStation's Quick Setup Guide for initial setup procedure.



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