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How do I exchange the internal hard disks of CloudStation? (CS-WV, CS-WX Series only)

Created 11/21/2011 05:47  |   Updated 03/09/2012 04:32
  • If your LinkStation is in RAID 0 mode or Normal mode, the data stored in the CloudStation will be lost.
  • If your LinkStation is in RAID 1 mode, the data stored in the CloudStation will be recovered when RAID array is rebuilt.

    * If a second drive fails before original defective drive is replaced, all data may be lost.

Replace a defective internal hard drive

  1. Shut down the LinkStation by moving the switch to Off position and remove all cables.


  2. Pull the front cover forward while pressing gently on the hollow on the left side.


  3. Remove the front cover. 


  4. Pull out the tab above the failed drive while pressing the release below the drive.
    The tab will slide out approximately 2 cm (1 inch).


    Note: Take care that your finger is not pinched between the tab and the drive.

  5. Remove the failed drive. 


  6. Insert the new drive until it clicks.


  7. Reattach the front cover.


  8. Reattach all cables and power on the LinkStation.


Rebuild the RAID array

If your CloudStation is in RAID 1, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to [System]-[Storage] after logging in to the local Web interface, and then click [Click here].
    Click here to refer to how to access the local Web interface.

  2. Click [Yes] on the screen after you read the notification about the data lost.
    After you click [Yes], RAID rebuilding will be started.

    You can refer the progress for RAID rebuilding shows on the local web UI.
    RAID rebuilding starts after the progress get to 100%.



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