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I don't see the files in the CloudStation when accessing from the web browser.

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At first, check the power LED in front of the product.

* If the powerLED is blacked out
* If the powerLED is lit




 If the power LED is blacked out


  1. Make sure that the power switch is set "ON" position.
    If the power switch is "OFF", switch it to "ON" position.
  2. If the power switch is "ON" or "AUTO" position, make sure if the disk error is occur.

    Disk error Solution
    Not occur

    The unit may be in the Sleep mode.
    Awake it from the Sleep mode.

    Occur Check the error information and fix the error.


 If the power LED is lit
  1. Check if I53 does not show up.

    Method of confirmation:

    Make sure that INFO/ERROR LED is flashing AMBER.

    It will alternate between flashing for 1 second (tens digit) and 0.5 second (ones digit). Combine the number of longer flashes with the number of shorter flashes to produce a two digit information code

    The example of "I53" information
    Image ten digit   : 1 second flashing x 5times
    ones digit : 0.5second flashing x 3times

    If the I53 information is showed, the CloudStation is not communicated with the cloud server.

    Please check following the setting on the CloudStation:
    * IP address
    * Subnet mask
    * Default Gateway
    * DNS Server Setting

  2. Make sure your device is listed in "Your Pogoplug enable device".

    Method of confirmation:
    1. Log in to the remote Web interface.
    2. Click [Setting] at the top of the screen.
    3. Navigate to [Account setting]-[General Setting]. 

    * In case your device name is not listed

    Reason 1: The e-mail address is not conncted with the CloudStation. Try logging in to the CloudStation again with your registered e-mail address and password.

    Reason 2: The device which is activated is not in the network. Please try activation for your new device.




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