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How do I update the firmware to the latest version on the remote Web interface?

Created 01/11/2012 01:59  |   Updated 09/04/2013 02:34

You see the message screen when the new version of the firmware is released by Automatic Firmware Updates function.

  1. Open the remote Web interface.
    Click here to access to the login page of the remote Web interface.

  2. After you log in to the remote Web interface, the notification screen will prompt up when the new firmware has been released.


    If there is a message, "New Software Available!", at the top of the web browser, the new firmware has been released.
    The above screen will be displayed when you click the message.

  3. Check a target device name you want to update the firmware, and then click [NEXT].
    Click [See release notes] to see the change log of new firmware.


  4. Read the notifications written on "Confirm" screen carefully, and click [UPDATE].


    * If you don't want to show the notification screen up from the next time, check at  "Do not show this message again" before you click [UPDATE].

  5. Firmware updates has been scheduled.
    Click [OK] in the following screen.


  6. When the firmware update is scheduled, the message says "Update in progress" will be added next to Device name.


  7. Firmware updates will start after a while, and then you see Info/Error LED blinks amber.
    While Info/Error LED or Power LED lights or blinks, do not remove LAN cable, and turn off the power.



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