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Access Point

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I.  Change the small switch at the bottom from AUTO to BRIDGE.
After setting the switch to BRIDGE, it will change its default
LAN IP address to and turn off NAT routing and DHCP.

II.  Plug the PC directly to one of the LAN side ports and change the IP address to To do this:

  1. Go into Control Panel->Network Connections (If using XP category view, then go to Control Panel->Network and Internet Connections->Network Connections).
  2. Right-Click on the ethernet adapter (usually Local Area Connection) and choose properties.
  3. Under "Components Used By This Connection", double-click on Internet Protocol(TCP/IP).
  4. Select "Use The Following Address", and set the IP address to and the subnet mask to

III. Now log into the device by going to "" from a Web Browser. This will navigate to the setup for the router.
Make any configuration changes here. Users may also change the
LAN IP address to match the wired router's network.
After making configuration changes, users will need to set the computer back to its previous IP address settings and attach the bridge to the network using one of its LAN ports.



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