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WDS Bridging

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I. Physical Setup

  1. Have the routers, and/or Access Points next to one another, and physically  plugged into each other via the LAN connection.
  2. Change the "Access Point" unit into Bridged mode by changing the phsyical switch from "auto" to "bridge".
  3. Verify log in ability to all devices through web browser before starting.

    Router IP(default):
    Bridge IP(common default):

    Username: root
    Default password: <leave blank>

II. Device Configuration

  1. Setup the router normally, but do not enable encryption yet. Wait until WDS is working.
  2. From Advanced screens, go to Wireless Config->Basic in both devices.
  3. Turn OFF Auto Channel, for Wireless Channel. Set it to an actual channel (11 or 6 is recommended).
  4. The SSID does not matter.  It is recommended that they are the same, but it will work just as well if they are different.
  5. Change Framebursting from 125 High Speed Mode to Framebursting or Do not use. (Framebursting is recommended if all client devices support it).
  6. Click Apply and allow the devices to reset and apply the settings. It's important to fully apply changes on the Bridge unit first. Applying changes will cause each unit to reboot. If the Router unit starts rebooting, it will not be possible to apply settings on the Bridged unit until the Router has fully rebooted.
  7. Go to Wireless Config->Repeater on both devices.
  8. Repeater-Bridge (WDS) must be set to Enable.
  9. Click Apply (Bridge unit first, then Router)
  10. Click Edit Registered WDS Partners
  11. Under Add New WDS Partner Access Point, enter the wireless MAC address of the other AirStation (the one desired to form a bridge with).
  12. Click New Partner.
  13. The AirStation will reboot. Once the screen refreshes, the second AirStation's MAC address will be listed under Bridgeable Access Points.
  14. Repeat this process for the other Devices.
  15. Once complete, disconnect the ethernet cable, power cycle the devices and watch for wireless activity on the wireless activity light.
  16. Verify that WDS is working by logging into the repeater ( from a wired connection to the Router.
  17. Encryption can now be enabled if desired. Enable the Encryption on the access point first, then the router (If the router is enabled first it will not be able to communicate with the Access Point, and will be orphaned).



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