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LED and Audible Codes for Terastation Pro / Pro II / Live

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LED and Audible Codes for Terastation Pro / Pro II / Live

Error Code Error Messages Alert Sound
E00 MPU Error: Main MPU is not responding A
E01 Error on DRAM DATA Line A
E02 Error on DRAM Address Line A
E03 Error on RTC Chip A
E04 Failed to Load Kernel(Flash Error) A
E05 SYSTEM Stopped, Power down the system. And restart
E06 Lost boot image, the firmware needs to be reinstalled
E07 The hard disk is not detected
E10 UPS AC Line Failure B
E11 Fan Error, Fan RPM is too slow or has stopped B
E12 Cooling Error, the unit is overheating B
E13 Error occurred on RAID Array X B
E14 Cannot mount RAID array X B
E15 Many Bad Sectors, replace the faulty hard
E16 Cannot find Hard Drive X B
E17 Cannot Communicate with RTC Chip (IC12) A
E18 Cannot communicate with SATA Chip 1 (IC1) A
E19 Cannot communicate with SATA Chip 2 (IC2) A
E20 Cannot communicate with USB Chip (IC5) A
E21 Cannot communicate with Ethernet Chip (IC13) A
E22 Cannot mount Hard Drive X B
E23 Hard Drive X is faulty, and excluded from RAID Array because of error) B

Info Code Info Messages Alert Sound
I10 System too hot, shutdown immediately
I11 HDx Bad sectors
I13 RAID ARRAYx Formatting
I14 RAID ARRAYx Checking
I15 RAID ARRAYx Scanning
I16 RAID ARRAYx Creating
I17 RAID ARRAYx Resyncing
I18 RAID ARRAYx Rebuilding
I19 Erasing RAID ARRAYx
I20 Formatting Diskx
I21 Checking Diskx
I22 Erasing Diskx
I23 Initializing System (Setting back to factory Default)
I24 Setting Network Configuration
I25 Updating Firmware
I26 Initializing Web Settings
I27 Checking USB Diskx
I28 Formatting USB Diskx



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