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Intrusion Detector

Created 06/01/2012 07:04  |   Updated 06/12/2012 05:17
  1. Place your routers IP address into the web browser address bar, and log into router
  2. To enable intrusion detector.

    A. Choose Enable or Enable (Apply packet filter rules) from the Intrusion Detector drop-down box. If packet filter rules are applied, packets will be filtered with packet filter rules before Intrusion Detector is applied.

    B. Blocking IP spoofing blocks packets from devices using an IP address that is not their own.

    C. In the Threshold Value box, enter the number of times an event has to occur before you receive notification.

  3. To configure your email alerts.

    A. Enter your email address and mail server information. You may make up a sender email address, such as alert@router.com. Alert emails will appear to come from this address.

    B. Intrusion detector also blocks unauthorized access attempts and suspicious traffic from WAN-side devices (the internet).

  4. Select Appy button at the bottom left of the page.



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