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DriveStation Duo Error / Status LED's / Audible codes

Created 06/01/2012 08:58  |   Updated 06/12/2012 07:24
LED colors and audibles indicate maintenance or troubleshooting need.
The meaning of LED colors is below.

LED Color and Action Meaning and Troubleshooting
Disk1 or Disk2 Green, Flickering The Disk is being accessed.
Disk1 or Disk2 Red, Stable The Disk1 or Disk2 failed. Replace the drive.
Disk1 or Disk2 Red, Flashing Rebuilding RAID array is performed. Don't turn the unit off. Otherwise, restored data is lost. (Red and green flashing continues frequently because of disk access.) Estimated rebuilding time is 7 to 8 hours for 500GB model, 11 to 12 hours for 800GB. 1.0TB and 1.5TB model are more.
Disk1 and Disk2 Red, Stable on both Replaced disk capacity is lower than original one. Unable to start rebuilding RAID.
Beep Status:
Beep Code Meaning
Alternating continuous short beep then silence Internal cooling fan is stopped.
Continuous beep Hard disk unit temperature is too high.
Three second beep then silence The Disk1 or Disk2 is failed. Replace the drive.



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