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Playing custom radio stations on the LinkTheater

Created 06/01/2012 09:59  |   Updated 06/13/2012 06:30

This is Customer Radio Station Setup.

The Service portion of the LinkTheater PC Software allows a number of options.
The PC with the LinkTheater PC Software installed on it will need to be connected to the internet for these features to work properly.

The Service page has links for RSS Directory, Web Bookmark, Music Radio, Podcast, and Yahoo Search.
Other links can be added to the services page with plugins.
Navigate the display with the remote control directional pad and press E
nter to select a service.

When Music Radio is selected, a list of Jazz radio stations is displayed.
Users may change to Rock or Pop stations by selecting from
the icons at the top right of the page.
The disk icon selects Pop
stations and the guitar icon selects Rock stations.

Selecting the horn navigates back to the Jazz page.
On the Jazz page, a list of Jazz stations is displayed. Press
Enter to initiate a station to begin play.
To stop a radio station from playing,
press the Stop button on the remote control.

If there are many bookmarks or items in the folder, users may be required to switch between pages.
Pages can be switched by manually
navigating to the arrows in the top right area of the display or by using the Preview and Next buttons on the LinkTheater remote control.
To exit back to the main Home page, press the Home button on the remote control after all file playback has been stopped.



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