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Configure port forwarding on WHR wireless routers

Created 06/04/2012 07:35  |   Updated 06/13/2012 04:58
  1. Port forwarding on the WHR is done by going to [Advanced] > [Network Config] > [NAT] and clicking on [Edit NAT Table].
    Enter a name for the group, such as "WebServer".
    Leave WAN Side IP address set to "AirStation's WAN IP Address".
  2. For protocol enter the external TCP or UDP port number (use "-" to setup a range of ports, ex. "50-1000").
    LAN IP address is the private IP address of the server.
    Then enter the internal port number, if the external and internal ports are the same this can be left blank.
    Click on New Group to save the setting. After it is saved, the ports should be forwarded.
  3. If port 80 is being intercepted by the router, go to [Advanced] > [WAN Config] > [WAN Port] and set the Port Number for Web Configuration to something like 8080.



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