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LinkStation GUI sees "device" when DriveStation is attached, but not in format menu.

Created 06/13/2012 06:36  |   Updated 06/15/2012 07:28

Linkstation GUI sees "Buffalo storage device" when DriveStation is attached, but in format menu, the only one listed is the internal disk.
This is caused by Auto/manual switch on DriveStation, LinkStation Firmware.

Please check the following points.

  1. Ensure that the power switch on the DriveStation is set to manual and is plugged into the rear USB port on the LinkStation. (first series had front and rear USB)
  2. Try powering down both units, power on the DriveStation first, then the LinkStation.
  3. Check for latest firmware for the LinkStation, may try forcing LinkStations Firmware.
  4. Powercycle both units.




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