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What is Distributed File System (DFS)?

Created 06/13/2012 07:32  |   Updated 06/15/2012 07:28

DFS stands for Distributed File System, a way to share multiple share folders for one location.
The share folders can be located on the same TeraStation, another TeraStation, or even a computer.
This can be very useful for administration and it makes several folders appear as part of a single folder.

There are two ways DFS can be setup, with DFS routing and without:

  • When using DFS routing, only one share folder can be mapped from a different location.
    But, it does not appear as a subfolder of the DFS share folder.
  • When DFS routing is not being used, up to 8 other share folders can be linked to the TeraStation.
    The multiple share folders appear as sub-folder of the main DFS share folder.



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