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DriveStation Quattro DIAG codes

Created 06/13/2012 07:36  |   Updated 06/15/2012 07:28

This is a list for system error or maintenance alert on DriveStation Quattro.

LED Sound Meaning
N/A 3 short Beeps, with a 1 second pause The fan is not running
N/A Continuous short beeps The unit is overheating, but the fan is running
Hard Drive is Red Long 3 second beep The hard drive has failed, or is disconnected. There will be a long 3 second beep for each hard drive status LED illuminated in red.
All are illuminated red 1 Long 3 second beep A Hard drive is set to slave. All the hard drives need to be set to Master or Single
Blinking Red N/A The unit is rebuilding the array.
When it is done it will beep.
The unit can be connected to a computer while it is rebuilding the array, but it will take longer to rebuild the array.

Array Size Time
RAID 5 100Gb 12 minutes
1Tb 2 hours
RAID 1 100Gb 25 minutes
1Tb 4 hours



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