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WHR-G125 LED's Work But Client PC Cannot Connect to Network

Created 06/14/2012 02:41  |   Updated 06/15/2012 07:28

It is caused by wrong TCP/IP settings. Check the settings are correct.

LEDs Work But Client PC Cannot Connect to Network
If the LEDs indicate that the network is working properly (Power LED is on, Transmit/Receive LED blinks), check the TCP/IP settings of the network.

Changing Client TCP/IP Settings in Windows
Consult the LAN Administrator for correct TCP/IP settings.
To add or change TCP/IP Settings:

  1. On the Windows task bar, click [Start].
  2. Select [Settings], then [Control Panel].
  3. Double-click on the Network icon to view [Network Properties].
  4. From the list of installed components, verify the TCP/IP => wireless LAN adapter protocol is installed.
  5. If the wireless adapter protocol is not yet installed, click the Add button and select the TCP/IP protocol from the list. Refer to Windows Help for more information.
    If the wireless adapter protocol is installed, select the protocol and click the [Properties] button.
    Verify that the parameters match the settings provided by your
    LAN Administrator.
    Make changes if necessary, and click [OK].
  6. If prompted, restart your computer.




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