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Buffalo Ethernet Converter Troubleshooting Tips

Created 06/14/2012 02:57  |   Updated 06/15/2012 07:28

If experiencing issues with the Ethernet Converter, there are two settings you may need to be changed:
The MAC address, and frame bursting.

  1. Plug the computer directly into the back of the Ethernet Converter and Initialize it.
  2. Do not have either unit connected to router.
  3. Change the IP address to with a subnet mask of and no Default Gateway:
    Open a web browser and enter "" into the address bar to log in and configure the Ethernet Converter.

    username: root
    pasword: (leave blank)

    For WinXP:
    1) [Start] > [control panel] -> [network connections] (if Home edition, Network Connections again)
    2) right click on Local Area Ethernet and select properties
    3) highlight Internet Protocol TCP/IP and select properties
    4) use the following IP address: []

  4. Click Advanced. The first option list is "MAC Address " set this to "MAC address of first connected wired device".
  5. Set frame bursting to "Disable".
  6. Apply and save settings.
  7. After the Ethernet Converter is configured for the wireless network, change the computer back to its previous IP address settings or to Automatic (make sure to switch DNS back to Automatic as well) and try to connect to the Internet.



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