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LED Flash Code Explanation and Solutions

Created 06/14/2012 04:21  |   Updated 04/18/2013 08:07

If the LinkStation encounters an error, it will be reported in the LinkStation status on the top of any of the Web-Based configuration screens.


Blinks red - Flash memory write in progress.


Blinks red 3 times - /dev/hda3 not mounted to /mnt error (non-critical).


Blinks red 4 times - Cooling fan error (critical, system shutdown).


Blinks red 5 times - Flash memory error (critical, system powers off).


Blinks red 6 times - Hard drive or ppc_uartd (mc_ctld in 2.XX linkstation) error (critical, sys.shutdown).


Blinks red 7 times - RAM, NIC, or HDD controller error (critical, system shutdown).



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