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TeraStation LED codes / Error codes

Created 06/14/2012 04:32  |   Updated 04/25/2014 02:47

The DIAG codes listed below are for the original TeraStation products:

1 blink every second                RAID Array Configuration is running   
1 blink  every 4 seconds          RAID Error   
4 blinks every 4 seconds          Internal Fan Error   
5 blinks every 4 seconds          Flash ROM Error   
6 blinks every 4 seconds          HDD Error   
7 blinks every 4 seconds          RAM, LAN, HDD controller Error (logic board problem)      

Continuous blinks with no break   Disk Check or RAID Check  

Other Light Codes:

Disk 1-4 Status/Full Lights

OFF Corresponding hard drive not detected
Green Corresponding hard drive detected
Green Blinking Disk Check/Format in progress
Red Drive capacity at over 90% used
Red Blinking Possible physical drive failure

Disk 1-4 Access Lights

Green Blinking Hard drive being accessed

Power Light

OFF Power source is off
Green Power source is on
Green Blinking System booting or shutting down
Green Slow Blinking Disk Sleep Mode

Link/Act Light

Blue 1000Mbps link detected
Green 100Mbps link detected
Red 10Mbps link detected

When the Link/Act LED is blinking, it denotes network activity in or out of the TeraStation LAN adapter.



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