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How can I connect iPhone / iPod touch to the internet by wireless connections?

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  1. Check SSID (12-digit Mac address or 14-digit alphanumeric characters) and the encryption key (13-digit alphanumeric characters) of a wireless main unit, and write them down.

    *The encryption key is alphanumeric characters combined alphabets (a to k, m to n, p, r to y) except “l”, “o”, “q”, “z” and numbers (0 to 9).
    * This example is WZR-HP-G300NH case.
    There are two SSIDs and Encyption keys for 802.11a and 802.11g connection on WZR-HP-AG300H.
  2. Turn on your iPod. If not at the home screen, press home button.
  3. Tap settings button.

  4. Tap Wi-Fi button.


    Make sure the "Wi-Fi" button is ON.
    Wait for a while until the SSID searching gets completed.

    *If the "OFF" button appears, a wireless feature is disabled.
    Tap the button to enable a wireless connection.
    Swipe the toggle switch to ON.

  5. Tap the SSID from the Step1 under "Choose a Network...".
    If the SSID cannot be found, scroll the list to check it.
    *A key symbol appears because the wireless connection is encrypted.


    If not broadcasting your SSID choose "other" under 'choose a network'.
    Under 'name' type your SSID.
  6. The screen to enter an encryption key (password) appears.
    Tap the encryption key written down from the Step 1. Then tap [Join].


    If you are successful, a checkmark next to your wireless router's SSID on this list is indicated.
    also a wireless status indicator icon on the top status bar, next to your clock is displayed.



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