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TeraStation Remote Backup

Created 06/21/2012 02:05  |   Updated 06/21/2012 08:58

* This procedure is not actually done our operation checking.

To set up remote backup using the internal backup:

Go into the Web Configuration for both Terastations.

  1. Under "Disk backup", click [Add Terastation], enter the IP address of the opposite Terastation.
  2. The destination Terastation needs to have a shared folder created with Disk Backup as one of the supported protocols.
  3. In case they need to be opened or forwarded, the ports used are TCP 22939 for discovery, TCP 873 for unencrypted transfer, and TCP 8873 for encrypted transfer.
  4. The remote TeraStation passes its assigned IP address to the master, this means the remote must have a public IP address for this to work.
  5. Once the Terastations can see each other, to create the Backup job go to Disk Backup->Disk Backup. There can be up to 8 assigned jobs.
  6. Click on the job to be assigned and set the schedule, source and destination folders along with any other settings.
  7. Click apply.  The job will run at the scheduled time.



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