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Port Forwarding (WBR2-G54S style GUI)

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To setup port forwarding:

  1. Go into the router's Web Configuration.
  2. To open the Web Configuration, go to "" from a web browser on the internal network.
  3. The default login is "root" with no password. 
  4. Go to [Advanced] > [Network Settings] > [Address Translation] (Or NAT depending on router).
  5. Click on the Enter NAT Table button. Give it a group name like Webserver or Ftpserver.
  6. Leave WAN IP Address set to Airstation's WAN Address.
  7. Next to Protocol (WAN), set it to TCP/UDP and select "HTTP" or "FTP"(depending on which you are setting up) from the dropdown menu.
  8. Choose manual if forwarding from a different port(use "-" to setup a range of ports, ex. "50-1000").
  9. For LAN IP address, enter the internal address of the server that is to appear on the Internet.
  10. For LAN Port user can leave it blank if forwarding from the same port as external, otherwise enter the internal port here.
  11. Click the Add to NAT Table (or New Group depending on router) to add this to the table.
  12. Users should now have the ports forwarded and be able to access the server by entering the WAN side IP address into the computer from which user is accessing externally.


If setting up a web server, users need to change the port used for web configuration:

  1. Open the Web Configuration and go to [Advanced] > [WAN Settings] > [WAN Network].
  2. Set the Remote Management Port Number to something like 8080 and then click Apply.




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