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WebAccess Setup for LinkStation Live

Created 06/21/2012 02:39  |   Updated 06/21/2012 08:58

To use WebAccess, the Linkstation Live needs to be running firmware version 2.06 or better.

  1. Login to the web configuration page of the LinkStation Live.
  2. Once the LinkStation Live is running firmware 2.06 or better, there will be a 'WebAccess' tab on the lefthand side of Web configuration page.
  3. Click on [WebAccess] > [Service Setup].
  4. There are 8 options on this page.

    -Web Access Service
    -HTTPS/SSL Encryption
    -Use BuffaloNAS.com
    -BuffaloNAS.com Name
    -BuffaloNAS.com Key
    -DNS Hostname
    -Auto-Configure Firewall (UPnP)
    -External Port
  5. WebAccess Service needs to be set to 'enable'.
  6. HTTPS/SSL Encryption can be set to enable, or disable. If it is set to enable the connection will be slower, but it will be more secure.
  7. Use BuffaloNAS.com should also be set to enable.
  8. Enter a random choice for BuffaloNAS.com Name, and BuffaloNAS.com Key. DNS Hostname will be grayed out.
  9. Auto-Configure Firewall (UPnP) should be set to enable and External Port will be set to disable.
  10. Click apply.

    **If users get an error message about UPnP, set it to disable and manually setup port forwarding on the router. When Auto-Configure Firewall (UPnP) is set to disable, External Port is enable, and is recommended to be set to 9000. Click Apply again.**
  11. Now go to http://BuffaloNAS.com and enter users LinkStation's WebAccess Name.




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