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Common Issues with Active Directory and TeraStation Pro TS-TGL/R5

Created 06/21/2012 02:44  |   Updated 06/21/2012 08:58

Several properties need to be adjusted when joining a domain

  • Problem 1: Cannot map to a network drive that is on a domain.
  • Solution 1: The share must have access restrictions and the user must have active directory privileges.

  • Problem 2: Trying to connect to a folder with access restrictions, keep getting prompted for username/password.
  • Solution 2: Connect to the TeraStation using IP-Address instead of DeviceName.

  • Problem 3: Cannot join domain with 1.03 firmware or there are other problems.
  • Solution 3: The 1.03 firmware is Beta and is having some unforeseen issues. Just flash it back to 1.01 from website. "Force" command is not necessary.

  • Problem 4: Trying to use FTP while joined to domain. Cannot login with domain users.
  • Solution 4: Need to use local users on the Terastation for FTP.  FTP sends passwords in plain text so it is a security flaw to use domain users.

  • Problem 5: Can't join domain with correct credentials
  • Solution 5: Verify the AD Admin password has no special characters, all of the info is correct, ensure the clock on the TSPro is within 5 minutes of the Domain Controller and that the client has a computer account on the domain.


  • Problem 6: Have 2 or more Terastation Pro units on the same domain, one of them is having trouble connecting to AD.
  • Solution 6: Multiple Terastations may not be able to join a domain using the same Domain Admin account. Try using a different domain admin account to login.




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