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FTP Access using IE or another web browser - LS Pro/Live

Created 06/21/2012 08:50  |   Updated 06/21/2012 08:58
Problem: Access to FTP shares on the LinkStation Pro and Live from Internet/Intranet using the Internet Explorer or another Browser.

Solution: Use the full link including user name and password.


Alternatively you can use the user name only and await the password request (pop up).

When you use a web browser you log in by default as "anonymous". On customer request we changed the behavior of the FTP server.
If you not logged in as the autorised user you can't even see the folders.
If you are logged in with user name you can see only the folders you have access permission to.
It is more secure. It differs from user expectations. (see all folders and get the login request if you try to open it)



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