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LinkStation LS-LGL

Created 06/22/2012 04:28  |   Updated 06/22/2012 05:36
This LinkStation version just requires basic knowledge and offers an simple installation and ease of use NetworkAttachedStorage solution.
The unit will be available on your 10/100/1000 network with or without access restrictions.
The LS-LGL doesn't provide a webinterface and is fully configured via the Buffalo NAS Navigator so more limited functions are available when compared to other storage in the Linkstation range.

The actual settings which can be setup are: IP address, a password, "share" folder restriction on/off, time, internal disk check and format of the internal disk.

A change of the hostname, share folder name, username or workgroup name is not possible.
The unit will work only on a SMB connection for any supported OS.
Unsecured access via user: guest
Secured access via Buffalo NAS Navigator + your password or NetUse + your password



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