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How to: Change wireless channel (User Friendly Firmware)

Created 07/05/2012 06:32  |   Updated 09/07/2012 07:36

When AOSS is used, the wireless channel is automatically selected.

When WDS is setup, the channel selection setting may be disabled  to indicate dependency on corresponding WDS Master Wireless LAN Access Point. In such case, change the wireless channel in WDS Master or primary AP.


To set the wireless channel manually, follow the instructions bellow.



  1. Launch browser to management web UI. 
  2. Click "Wireless SSID & Channnel"

  3. From "Wireless Channel" dropdown select a channel. Next, click the "Apply" button. 

the channels can be set individually depending on number of supported WLAN devices for example 802.11 n/a or 802.11 n/g/b for models such as WZR-HP-AG300H and WZR-600DHP.




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