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How to: Access Administrative web page of Wireless Access Point when router operating mode is switched from Router to Bridge Mode?

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Once router operating mode is switched from Router to Bridge mode , administrator's web interface may be inaccessible due to device IP change.


Buffalo provides an application IPSet utility to list routers in network and assist with Windows and MAC client PC IP settings and/or device IP change.
Please refer to your documentations for details on IPset application.


Buffalo Router  default IP is :

  • when in Router mode:
  • when in Bridge mode: (user-Friendly Firmware)


Administrator's web interface may be accessed in one of the following ways:


1- With User-Friendly Firmware,  temporarily, switch back to router mode by using the hardware switch .

     Confirm router LED is on. For LED status details refer to product manuals.


Next, Launch browser to


2- Alternatively, if the PC IP is not in same segment, set PC IP to some static value in same segment

example :

(IP address)
(sub net mask)

Next, Launch browser to





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