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How to: Connect iPhone 4/4S to internet through wireless router

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1. Determine router SSID and encryption key (password).

Refer to label on the side of the unit.

The initial (factory reset) values of SSID and Encryption key are printed on the label.
For example, the label on WZR-HP-AG300H is shown bellow:


Refer to configuration screen (WEB management interface)

• The Interface for Professional firmware is as follows:

Go to [Wireless] - [Wireless Security] tab.


• The Interface for Userfriendly firmware is as follows:

Select [Wireless Config]-[Basic] tab to see details of security setting.


If AOSS or WPS security is setup, refer to AOSS or WPS tab for SSID and Key information

Note: In User-Friendly WEB Interface under [Wireless Config]-[Basic], the default encryption Key is always masked.
Be sure to keep a record, if default key is manually changed by administrator.

2- Turn on your iPod. If not at the home screen, press home button.

3-Tap settings button.


4-Tap WiFi  button.


Make sure the "Wi-Fi" button is ON.
Wait for a while until the SSID searching gets completed.

*If the "OFF" button appears, a wireless feature is disabled.
Tap the button to enable a wireless connection.

Swipe the toggle switch to ON.


5-Tap the SSID from the Step1 under "Choose a Network...".
If the SSID cannot be found, scroll the list to check it.
*A key symbol appears because the wireless connection is encrypted.


If not broadcasting your ssid choose "other" under 'choose a network'.

Under 'name' type your ssid.

6-The screen to enter an encryption key (password) appears.

Tap the encryption key written down from the Step 1. Then tap [Join].


If you are successful, a checkmark next to your wireless router's SSID on this list is indicated.

also a wireless status indicator icon on the top status bar, next to your clock is displayed.




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