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How to: Setup Port Forwarding on Buffalo Professional Firmware (DD-WRT).

Created 07/24/2012 02:08  |   Updated 09/13/2013 02:47
  1. Launch browser to WEB configuration interface (default URL
  2. Click [NAS/QoS] - [Port Range Forwarding] tab.

  3. Click [Add] button to add new port.

    For instance, if you setting up a server with LAN IP address as an FTP server,
    you would forward standard FTP port 20 and 21 as shown bellow:

    1) Application name can be any string.

    2) Start Port and end Port range is set to 20 and 21.

    3) Protocol is set to TCP .

    4) Enable Port forwarding.

    5) Click apply settings to activate port forwarding.




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