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TeraStation 5000 - How to transfer the data to another TeraStation?

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The TeraStation is not equipped with a tool or a function for data migration.


Follow the procedure below to migrate data.


Copying files directly by accessing two TeraStations from a PC

To move the back-up data to another TeraStation, check the target and copy data.



Backing up TeraStation folders to another TeraStation on the network



Follow the procedure below.

  1. Create a shared folder on the target TeraStation which is in use on on the source TeraStation.
    Double-click the target TeraStation-[BUFFALO NAS Navigator2] on the desktop.
  2. Right-click the TeraStation icon, followed by clicking [Open Web setting]

  3. Input a user name and password, followed by clicking [Login] to display the set-up menu.
  4. Click [File Sharing] in the set-up menu, followed by Image next to [Folder Setup].

  5. Click [Create Folder], and input a name of the shared folder, etc., followed by ticking [Backup] of [LAN Protocol Support] and clicking [OK].

    END of creating a new shared folder on the target TeraStation.
  6. Create a back-up to the target TeraStation together with shared folders by using the on the source TeraStation back-up function.

    Click [Backup] in the set-up menu on on the source TeraStation, followed by Image next to [Backup].

  7. Click [Create New Job]
  8. Select set-up items for back-up such as execution date and time, followed by [Add].

  9. Click [Browse] of the back-up origin folder name.
    Select the folder on on the source TeraStation, followed by [OK].
  10. Click [Browse] of the back-up target folder name.
    Specify the folder on the target TeraStation with the same folder name as that created in the previous steps, followed by [OK].
  11. The added task can be seen on the screen [Backup List].
  12. Click [Close].
    A back-up is performed at the specified time, and the data is moved to the target TeraStation.



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