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TeraStation 5000 - How can the previously recorded movie data using the surveillance camera function be deleted automatically?

Created 07/30/2012 01:51  |   Updated 07/26/2013 04:06


Follow the procedure below to delete (purge) data in a chronological order from the oldest, in case of exceeding a certain limit set to the media volume in use

  1. Click [Start] - [BUFFALO] - [BUFFALO Surveillance Server] - [Data Service Policies].
  2. Click Image, followed by the settings below on the "Create a Policy" window and clicking [OK].

    Policy Name: Input "PurgeTest".
    Policy Type: Select "Purge".

  3. Double-click [Source], follwoed by selecting the product containing the recorded data from [Vault].

  4. Select [Criteria], followed by setting [Miscellaneous Options] - [Watermark: High] and [Low].

    As an example, the set-up is as follows to purge old data up to 40% in case the media volume exceeds 80%.

    Watermark: High: "80" / Watermark: Low: "40"

  5. Set time and date for execution on [Scheduling], followed by clicking Image for registration.

    Example: Execution at AM 02:00 from Monday to Friday

    1. Under "When should the job run ?", select [On selected days each week].


    2. Open [Days], followed by ticking from "Monday" to "Friday".

    3. Open the "Time" window, followed by selecting [AM][2:00] with [OK].



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