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I can’t access the TeraStation.

Created 07/30/2012 01:52  |   Updated 11/11/2013 04:13

Cause 1. TeraStation is in Emergency Mode (EM).
Solution 1. Update the firmware.
See here

Cause 2. TeraStation setup has been changed.
Solution 2. Start the NAS Navigator2 to detect the product, followed by accessing the shared folder.
Cause 3. TeraStation is not in operation.
Solution 3. Check its operation.

     A PC conjunction or timer function may have brought the product into the stand-by status.

Cause 4. Network is disconnected.
Solution 4. Check the cable connection between the PC/Macintosh and the product.

Cause 5. The specific information for Mac OS is affecting.
Solution 5. Check the disks.
     (Select "Delete Specific Information for Mac OS" in Settings.)

In case of an abnormal connection release during an access from Macintosh, such as a power failure, the database Mac OS creates may corrupt, which will result in a connection failure.

Cause 6. An error occurred.
Solution 6. Check the LED and the LCD message.




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