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TeraStatio 5000 – How to Enable Surveillance Cameras

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Follow this procedure to enable surveillance cameras in Settings.

Note: First, complete the initial settings for the TeraStation and the network camera. For details on the procedure, see the manual supplied with the device.



In Settings, click [Applications].



Click the icon to the right of "Surveillance Cameras".



Click [Edit].



From "LAN Port", select the LAN port connected to the same network as the network camera and computer where the client tools are installed.



Click [Browse].



Choose a folder for recorded video, then click [OK].

Note: Use a folder with at least 100 GB of available space.



Click [OK].



Click [OK].



Move the Surveillance Cameras switch to the position to enable surveillance cameras






If the target shared folder specified as the storage location for recorded video is deleted, the surveillance camera is automatically disabled.
Do not directly edit recorded video data in the shared storage folder. If a file is directly edited, the surveillance camera software may no longer operate properly.
Do not duplicate or back up the shared storage folder with the built-in utilities in Settings. A separate backup license must be purchased to back up this data to another TeraStation.
The client tools can only be used with the LAN connected to the selected LAN port.
Surveillance cameras cannot be used if failover is configured. Also, failover cannot be used if surveillance camera functionality is enabled. They're just not compatible.




Users with Two or More Network Cameras


In the default settings, only one network camera can be used. To use two or more network cameras, additional licenses (sold separately) must be purchased and registered.



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