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How to Check Drives (TeraStation 5000 series)

Created 07/30/2012 02:14  |   Updated 03/29/2013 07:59

A disk check tests the data on a drive in the TeraStation or connected via USB for integrity. Errors are fixed automatically. With large drives, a disk check may run for many hours. Shared folders cannot be accessed during a disk check. Do not turn off the TeraStation until the disk check is finished. Use the procedure below to run a disk check.



In Settings, click [Drives].



Select "Drives" to check an internal drive or "USB Drives" to check an external drive.



Select the drive to test, then click [Check Disk].



Click [Check]. You have the option of deleting information files from Mac OS during the check if desired.



The message "Checking" will be displayed on the LCD panel during the disk check. The TeraStation's shared folders cannot be accessed until the disk check is complete.




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