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TeraStation 5000 - How to Copy from a USB Device (Direct Copy)

Created 07/30/2012 02:21  |   Updated 10/04/2013 07:15

Use Direct Copy to copy from a USB device directly to the TeraStation.


Note: TS-2RZH and TS-2RZS series TeraStations do not support direct copy.



These devices are supported:

• USB mass storage devices

• Card readers (except for card readers that can recognize two or more memory cards)

• Digital cameras and other PTP devices

• UPS devices that are specifically indicated as compatible

• USB printers


These devices are not supported:

• USB hubs

• Mice

• Keyboards





In Settings, move the Direct Copy switch to the position to enable Direct Copy.



Connect the USB device. The function button will begin to flash.

Note: Devices that don't trigger the function button to flash are not supported.



You have 60 seconds to hold down the function button for 3 seconds. This will copy all files from the USB device to the Direct Copy folder of the TeraStation.


While the function button is flashing, press and release it quickly to cancel Direct Copy.
For digital cameras that are not in the USB mass storage class, all files in the digital camera are copied.
To change the Direct Copy target folder, navigate to [Backup] - [Direct Copy] - [Edit], select a new folder, and click [OK].



When the copy operation is finished, the access LED of the USB device will stop flashing. Hold down the function button for 6 seconds to dismount the device. The blue LED will go out and the device may be removed safely.




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